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Enrollment Application

Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc.

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West Palm Beach, Fl 33417


(561)242-0021 fax

Please read and sign the following enrollment information

Which includes Child & Parents Information, Pick-Up or Emergency Card Information, Discipline & Incident Reports Policy, Nutrition Plan Information, Assessment Information, and Parent Hand book of the Rules and Regulations.

Child’s Name__________________________________ Date of Birth__________________ Age: ________ Grade: _____Sex: ____Male____ Female

SS# OF CHILD_____________________ Language spoken at Home: _____________

The staff and volunteers Rainbow Kids Learning Center Inc. program are not liable for any injuries that occur. If an emergency does occur, the proper authorities will be contacted.

Date of enrollment ____________ Today’s date___________ Parent or Guardian Signature X _________________________________________


Mother’s Name ________________________________________ S.S._______/______/________Home address ________________________________________

Apt. # ____ City ___________ Zip Code______ Home Phone (____) _____________ Cellular (___) _____________E-mail address__________________________

Employer’s Name ___________________________ Dept. ______________________Work Phone _________________ Ext. ______ Occupation_______________


Father’s Name ______________________________________ S.S._______/______/_______ Home Address __________________________________________

Apt. # ______ City _________State ____ Zip Code_____ Home Phone (____) ___________ Cellular ______________ E-mail address________________

Employer’s Name _________________________ Dept. ______________Work Phone ________________ Ext. ______ Occupation ________________

Provide a Password that will be used when picking up the student. Limit the password to 10 characters or less


___  ___  ___  ____  _____  _____   _____    ______    ____


Pick-Up or Emergency Card Information

In case of an emergency please list the persons authorized to pick up your child if you cannot be reached.

(Minimum of two contacts, please)

Name_________________________________________ Phone (____)___________________ Relationship_______________

Name_________________________________________ Phone (____)___________________ Relationship ______________

Name_________________________________________ Phone (____)___________________ Relationship_______________

Name_________________________________________ Phone (____) ___________________ Relationship_______________

We do not accept phone calls to add or subtract any names. This will only be done in writing and we will require ID at pick-up time. NO ID-NO EXCEPTION. It is your responsibility to make these adjustments.

Are you a foster parent or court appointed guardian? Yes ___ No ___ If you answered Yes, please respond to questions below that have an Guardian’s name ____________________________ Occupation__________ Home phone _______________________ Cellular (____) ______________

Employer’s name_________________________ Occupation__________ Guardian’s work phone ( )___________________ Ext. _________

doctor’s & Allergies Information

Child’s physician____________________________ Phone (____) ______________ Hospital of preference__________________________________________

Does your child suffer from any allergies? Yes_______ No_______

Name these and their allergic reaction:_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate any special dietary requirements for your child. These dietary requirements must provide a doctor’s note specifying allergy:

Emergency Authorization: If an emergency take place, the school is authorized to take whatever steps are warranted to obtain emergency medical attention. I understated that every attempt will be made to contact me and the next step will be to contact the physician, call 911, or take my child to the hospital emergency room. Any and all expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the legal guardian(s). Parent’s Signature X__________________________________



Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc





We welcome you and your family to Rainbow Kids Learning Center and look forward to supporting you in your role as parents. We value the uniqueness of each family and will make every effort to meet your individual needs. While Rainbow Kids is primarily for your child, it is your school also. We encourage you to participate in our programs, invite you to observe our classroom settings, and enjoy an impromptu visit. We hope that you will Rainbow Kids to be a wonderful place that continues to strengthen your relationship with your child. As with any service organization, however, we must set forth policy to promote the common good and ensure compliance with state rules and regulations. This handbook is written as a guide to summarize helpful information and to highlight our policies. We encourage you to keep it on hand and use it as a reference, but it is not intended to take the place of open, personal communication. We encourage you to voice any concerns

you may have to your child’s teachers or to administration.

Tour of facility and Orientation


We start in the Main Office and introduce Owner and Director. We walk to the Classroom and introduce the Teachers, we show the parents board information and explain the procedure for arrival and dismissal, explain sign in and out (Meet the greet area for all classes). Then we walk out of the playground and inform the outside activities that happen. We walk the outside hall and take a look at the kitchen area that is located in the first classroom. We continue showing the restrooms. We end up back in the Main Office, where we answer any questions and give out more information..

The Director show and explain to the parents avery important information on a Parent Handbook, on this time the Director explain the policies and procedures of the Center



  Rainbow Kids Learnin Center has provided a high quality program to West Palm Beach, FL, from January 2008. The center is licensed by the State of Florida Bureau of Child Care and provides services to children ages two years through 12 years of age. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM /7:00 PM (M-F).





Staff Development

Rainbow Kids staff are highly motivated and dedicated early childhood professionals. All of our Lead Teachers are required to have a CDA (Child Development Associate), Many of our Associate Teachers have at least a Child Development Associate degree. All staff are trained in principles of child development, methods in early childhood programs and child guidance, as well as CPR and First Aid. Each year our staff members complete at least forty hours of continuing education through professional conferences and in-service activities. Our support staff, in food service and in the office, also participates in on-going training appropriate to their role at Rainbow Kids. We are committed to our staff and recognize them as vital components of a successful program for your children. We make every effort to ensure the work environment is pleasant and supportive of their needs. We value each staff member’s life experience and want to empower him or her as individuals. We support staff development and continuing education because we believe that adults who are learning bring that same enthusiasm for learning to the children.


Discipline Policy: Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc. Staff members are patient and skilled in helping children learn self-control and self-help discipline. We teach the children our rules and guidelines and the reasons behind these rules. We also teach the children about safety and guide them, so that they understand what is expected of them. These rules become our behavior modification and positive reinforcement techniques to educate the children. The staff will keep the parents well informed of their child’s development through conferences when needed and with daily reports to parents.

Also, we will appreciate being informed of any changes or situations in the home that might affect your child’s conduct. Please inform us so that way we can help your child and guide him/her.


Mission: Rainbow Kids is a childcare center that provides quality care for children ages 2 Years to 5years old and aftercare services for children of school-age up to 12 years old. Rainbow Kids exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate learning environment for preschool and school-age children. Our focus is to provide a nurturing and stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desire to be life-long learners .


Our philosophy :

Here at Rainbow Kids we acknowledge and fully support that parents and family are first in a child’s learning and teachers and staff will work with you together as a team. We believe that each child is unique in his/her own development, has the right to become the very best person that he/she is capable of becoming, has the right to grow up and learn in a wholesome environment and that early training in the life of a child has the greatest impact on his/her future learning.


Our goal: Rainbow Kids Learning Center strives to meet these goals for each child:

1. Providing a safe, healthy and clean environment, and secure environment supported by nurturing, caring, and enthusiastic parents, teachers, and administrators.

2. Encouraging each child’s optimum potential through developmentally appropriate activities using creativity, problem solving, imagination, and experimentation.

3. Fostering positive attitudes toward life and school which lay a foundation for experiences in futures years.

4. Encouraging the development of a positive self-image.

5. Providing comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for working parents.

6. Encouraging the learning of responsibility at school, home, and in the community.

7. Promoting an educational environment that fosters academic excellence and active learning.

8. The parent, and staff of Rainbow Kids will bond together to be partners for the education of each child.

Rainbow Kids and parents are to assist you in raising a happy, well-adjusted child. We can accomplish this goal best through mutual respect and support. We are confident that you, as a parent, will give us that support.


Biting Policy: As we know, biting is a common occurrence among children who do not have language to express their feelings. We understand that biting is normal, but it is not an acceptable means of resolving issues. At Rainbow Kids, we will take immediate action in the classroom as well as with the family regarding any biting incidents. Immediate action includes, but is not limited to, documenting the biting incident with an incident report for both parties involved, in addition to observing, shadowing, or separating the children. If a specific biting incident continuously occurs, and if we do not receive appropriate cooperation from the family, we will withdraw the child from our facility.


PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: We hope that Rainbow Kids is one of many enriching experiences in you and your child’s lives. Because we recognize that you are entrusting us with your most precious family member(s), we want you to consider Rainbow Kids as part of your extended family. Consequently, you are considered an essential element in every facet of your child’s activities at Rainbow Kids.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Children’s assessments are conducted throughout the year to provide parents with an overview of their child’s developmental progress. Throughout the year, we conduct portfolio assessments, which involve the collection of multiple samples and repeated observations of the child’s performance in naturally occurring situations. We also evaluate the child’s developmental progress through notation during group as well as one-on-one interactions between the teacher and individual students. Parent-teacher conferences are also held biannually. During these conferences, we take the time to answer any questions or concerns parents may have regarding their child’s experience at the center. These conferences also enable parents and staff to work closely to meet each child’s specific needs. Parents and teachers are also free to request additional conferences any time they wish. We utilize the information gathered during children’s assessments and parent-teacher conferences to improve and to update individualized curriculum for each child.

Resolving Parental Concerns: Occasionally, differences in philosophy or child-rearing practices may occur in the child care setting. All concerns about your child’s care should be discussed promptly with a teacher or the administration to come to a resolution that will best support your child. Please feel free to request a translator at any time to communicate in your preferred language.


Volunteer Program: We extend an open invitation to parents to observe or participate in their child’s classroom whenever desired. Parents and volunteers are encouraged to accompany the children on field trips and offer assistance on special projects throughout the year. Some suggestions for parental involvement include:

Sign up to be a parent volunteer. Volunteer to visit the classroom and read a story, Donate a book, Attend a field trip.

Visitors: Parents and other authorized family and friends are always welcome at Rainbow Kids. We do encourage you to consider the children and their work and ask that you enter their classroom with quiet respect.

Birthdays and Other Parties: Every child’s birthday at Rainbow Kids calls for a special celebration, and parents are encouraged to join in the festivities. For example, parents are welcome to prepare special snacks in recognition of a festive occasion, but we request advance notice. Also, please limit your celebration to a simple, store-bought snack and/or drink at our scheduled snack time. Unfortunately, we cannot allow gift exchanges, piñatas or excessive food.

Sleeping Arrangements: After lunch, restroom use, and hand washing, the children will take a nap or rest quietly on their individualized mats, those children who are not asleep may read a book for the duration of the rest time. The classroom will resume scheduled activities once the majority of the children in the classroom are awake.

Incidents Reports: Classroom rules are explained to the children periodically. These rules are presented to the children, as they are able to use them. However, children will act out, from time to time because of lack of words and/or lack of social skills. Most children have not been exposed to children their own age and have not had the opportunity to explore other children’s personalities. These are considered normal behavior and minor incidents will not be documented. However, if an incident occurs that is harmful to your child or others, then it will be document through an Incident report. If a child has more than two of these incidents in a day, we will let the parent know verbally. If this behavior is done as a reaction of every frustration, we will let the parent know in writing through an Incident Reports. If child receives 3 Incident Reports he/she will be suspended for a day. If a child receives 5 Incident Reports, then the child will be dismissed from school.

Nutrition Plan:

Good nutrition is an essential ingredient in our child development program. Rainbow Kids offer a breakfast, lunch, and snack daily. Each meal and snack is planned to

meet a child’s nutritional requirements and is presented in an appealing manner. Because meals and between-meal snacks are provided daily, we ask that you refrain

from bringing food from home unless your child has special dietary requirements, as ordered by a physician. If so, please make proper arrangements with administration at Rainbow Kids. You may also be asked to prepare a nutritious sack lunch for an occasional field trip. We utilize mealtime to instill in children at an early age the long-term benefits and the joy of healthful eating habits. We make a special effort to encourage the children to sample new foods and to cultivate a taste for those that are nutritionally beneficial. All meals are served in the classroom, and teachers eat with the children in a family-style manner. We encourage parents to drop by for lunch with their children. We do ask that you notify administration beforehand, so that we know how many parents to prepare for each day.


· Breakfast 8:00am to 8:30 am

· Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm

· Snack 1:45 p.m. to 4:00pm

 CLEANLINESS/HYGIENWe do our best to maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. Children's hands are washed before and after meals and after toileting. We use paper towels for drying hands, so children do not have to use the same towel.

All employees are required to wash their hands frequently and also use antibacterial gel.

FIRE DRILLlWe are required by state law to do 1 fire drill per month at each location. We vary the time of day to help the staff and children prepare to evacuate the building quickly and safely. We will not do fire drills when the temperature is below 20 degrees or above 85 degrees.

CURRICULUM: Approach is a set of guiding principles and practices that adults follow as they work with and care for children. These principles are intended as an” open framework.” Adults are free to adapt to the special needs and conditions of their group, their setting, and their community. “Active learning”-is the belief that children learn best through active experiences with people, materials, events and ideas, rather than through direct teaching or sequenced exercises



The Creative Curriculum philosophy is based on five fundamental beliefs that are strongly supported by theoretical and empirical research:

Ø Constructive, purposeful play is the best vehicle for meaningful learning

Ø The development of social competence is a key focus of the preschool years

Ø Relationships are the foundation for learning

Ø Curriculum and assessment must be linked

Ø Families are essential partners in children s learning

The Creative Curriculum enhances the quality of early childhood programs by offering the highest quality curriculum materials, training programs, parenting resources, and staff development services.


Describes and demonstrates how to plan a developmentally appropriate program focusing on ten well-organized interest areas. The approach is practical, easy-to-understand, and immediately applicable to a variety of settings. It discusses the five components of teaching preschool children effectively:

1. How children develop and learn

2. The learning environment

3. What children learn

4. Caring and teaching

5. Partnering with families

Assessment Information: We will give you a simple questionnaire to complete and return to us. These assessments will be given on the child’s birthday and six months after. VPK students will be assessed biannually. Results will come in, they will be discussed with you. In some cases, the result will indicate that your child will require more activities in certain areas. Therefore, the teacher’s will Implement activities on their lesson plans that will suit your child’s needs.

Our hours of operation: are from 7:00a.m To 7:00p.m. This includes After -school, Summer camp and Holiday’s. V.P.K hours are from 9:00am to 12:00pm or full time is available for VPK students at an extra cost. Even thou, we are open till 7:00 pm, your child may be not exceeding more of 10 hours in the school per day.

If your child is not picked up by 7:00 p.m. or at the time required (V.P.K.), then the parent must pay a late fee of two dollars ($2.00) per minute per child.

Payment Procedure: Tuition is paid weekly by Check, cash or Money order (Payable to Rainbow Kids) Tuition is due in advance every Friday the latest Monday morning. If your payment is not in on Monday, you will automatically be charged a $10 late fee, per day, after Monday. 

Rainbow Kids, has a strict no admittance Wednesday policy.  If tuition is not paid by Wednesday morning, your child will not be allowed in school unless full payment is received, and only Money Order or cash will be accepted at this time. LATE OR UNPAID TUITION: If payment in full is not received when due, I agree to pay a late payment fee of $10 per day. All late fees are subject to change with reasonable notice. The school follows state specific required time frames on tuition and modifications notices. I understand that if my account is delinquent for more than one week, I may be asked to withdraw my child until my account is made current. The school cannot guarantee a child’s spot will be held when a child is withdrawn due to non-payment of tuition. Any unpaid tuition fees may be sent to a third-party collection agency.

RETURNED CHECKS: I understand that a processing fee will be charged to my account for all checks that are returned for any reason, and this fee is in addition to any charges that my bank or financial institution may charge me. I understand that any non-sufficient funds checks will be automatically resubmitted electronically up to three times. If more than two checks are returned within a six month period, I will be required to pay by cash or money order for the next six month period. I am authorizing the payee, or its agent, upon receipt of my check. In the event that my check is returned for non-payment, then maximum fee allowed by state law will be charged for all returned checks. I am responsible for the principal amount plus all returned check fees.

If you get paid every other week then it will be easier to pay every two weeks, in advance.

Day care fees are charged on a weekly basis. Each family is required to pay half the weekly fee whenever the center is open, whether or not the child is in attendance. This weekly fee ensures that the child's spot is held for him/her. Drop-in care will continue to be charged on a daily basis.

Absences and Vacation Credits:

Rainbow Kids bases its operating costs on annual membership projections. As a result, to assure the highest quality of staff personnel, equipment, and supplies on a

continuous basis, we cannot offer tuition reductions for absences due to illness, holidays, natural disasters, etc. Rainbow Kids offers families who are enrolled either

full-time or part-time a vacation credit. After 12 months of continuous enrollment, one week’s vacation credit per child may be awarded at the written request of the family. The family will only be eligible for another vacation credit after another 12 months of continuous enrollment. To receive this credit, the child(ren) may not attend during this week. This credit only applies to tuition fees. If the vacation credit is not used in the calendar year, then it will not carry forward to future years. In addition, this credit is non-transferable. We require a two week notification in writing. When a child attends any portion of the week, I am responsible to pay the full weekly rate. If your child is absent for 3 or more consecutive days without notice, they are not guaranteed a space.

Extra Charges:

• Extras days or time period are billed at the drop-in rate of $15 per day. This fee is due upon arrival each day and excludes any field trip costs. Please

check with the front desk to inquire about availability. Full day of care for School Aged children there will be an extra charge.

• Returned checks result in a $40 minimum charge. Recurrent returned checks result in cash-only terms.

• Also, please be conscientious of your child’s schedule. Late pick-up fees are two dollar per minute per child thereafter. These fees are due in cash upon pick-up of the child. Late fees are assessed thereafter.

• Additional charges may be assessed for field trips, shirts, extra-curricular activities, and photography. T-shirts are required for field trips.

Registration is due before or on the first day of attendance. There will also be a annually registration of $25 per year that will be due in January.

Outdoor Recreation: Outdoor recreation for fresh air and exercise is scheduled daily, weather permitting. Each playground has developmentally appropriate climbing structures for each age group. A park-like playground is aesthetically pleasing as well as conducive to normal muscle development and creative use of space. Your child is given the opportunity to climb, balance, stack, swing, ride bicycles, and simply enjoy nature. In addition, the children enjoy playing ball, participating in group games, planting flowers and vegetables in our garden, experiencing a variety of textures, and reading.


Rainbow Kids is licensed by the State and adheres to rigid enforcement of regulations that meet or exceed the minimum standards in child care. These standards

relate to our physical facility, staff, health and safety procedures, nutrition, and record keeping. The center undergoes regular health inspections by the city and state, and fire and licensing departments. We support high standards in child care, as they are in the

best interest of the children in our care. Please review a copy of the minimum standards and our most recent Licensing Inspection report by contacting one of the following: Website;ww.myflorida.com/childcare/provider Child Abuse Hotline: 1.800.962-2873

Keeping Records Current and Confidential: provide emergency medical care to children at Rainbow Kids we require signed

authorization by each child’s parent or legal guardian. This form contains vital information about each child, such as parents’ office and home phone number and

addresses; and the name, address, and phone number of the child’s physician. This form must be kept current and on file as long as the child attends Rainbow Kids.

Please notify us of any changes. We will request updated contact information on a quarterly basis.

Children’s files are stored directly behind the desk. All child and family information will remain confidential unless a legitimate need exists to share such information.

Furthermore, this information will not be disclosed to relevant persons without written permission by a parent or guardian.

Medical records: Including a Blue Immunization Form #680 and Yellow Physical showing immunization date, must be presented before admittance to the school (Original). Required by The Health Department the school needs immunization updated. These forms are available from your doctor.

Termination of Day Care: If for any reason you decide to withdrawal your child from school, we require a two-week written notice. This will give us time to pull a child from the waiting list and fill your child's spot. Payment is due for the two-week notice period whether or not your child is brought to daycare. Any outstanding fees must be paid on or before the child's last day. If it becomes necessary for us to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parent(s) will be responsible for legal fees incurred on our part. If we can no longer watch your child for one reason or another, we will give you at least a two-week notice; we understand that it is not easy to find child care. Examples of why we would terminate your child's care include (but may not be limited to):

· We decide to move (highly unlikely!).

· Failure of parent to pay.

· Failure to complete required forms.

· Lack of parental cooperation.

· Failure of child to adjust to the center after a reasonable amount of time.

· Our inability to meet the child's needs without additional staff.

Field trips: field trips will be planned periodically throughout the school year. Information regarding the field trips will be presented in your child’s

monthly calendar. In addition, a permission slip will be given to your classroom teacher to be sign by Parent/ Guardian prior to the fieldtrip. Each child must wear a Rainbow Kids t-shirt as well and can be purchased in the office. During field trips, the teacher and the bus driver will have cell phones to call for help whenever necessary, first-aid kits to address any injuries, and alternate transportation arrangements if there is a problem with the bus during the trip. If your child cannot attend this activity he/she must remain at home, You are more than welcome to participate in all activities. T-shirts are required for field trips


Personal belongings: Your child’s belongings must have your last name written. If you do not mark your child’s items, we will do so on the tag. NO exception. NO excuses. Teachers and children cannot identify items once they have been pulled out of the different carrying bags. (We encourage self-help skills and the children have not perfected this yet. They do everything in a hurry and they usually cannot identify their belongings). We will not be responsible for lost items without proper identification. Please, do not bring to school heirloom clothing. Children will get dirty or lose them. We cannot be responsible for them.

Children will not be allowed to wear sandals. There are insects, mulch, and dirt, close in shoes will prevent splinters on their tender feet, while playing outside.

Drop Off/Pick-up Information: The center is requiring you to please bring your child no later than 9:00 a.m. and VPK class no later than 8:30 a.m. Any exception would be for Doctors visits, or any other appointment. A note would be required. Please keep in mind that it is very hard for staff members to conduct classroom routines with late arrivals. Parents that plan for their child to participate in breakfast but consistently arrive after 8:30 will have to feed their child before entering at the day care. This will prevent undo interruptions to the daily classroom routine.

Phone calls to add or subtract friends or family to authorized your child’s pick up will not be accepted! It is essential that you fax us, or leave in the office, a signed authorization form. We cannot recognize your voice over the phone. The authorized person must be able to provide a picture ID... NO PICTURE ID, NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED. (Do not give this to your child’s teacher.) The front office personnel will be the only ones responsible to release the child. Our teachers are trained to ask for identification and not to release any child under any circumstance without proper identification that matches the child’s registration form (White or information card).


VPK & Rainbow Kids program requirements:

Children must be signed in by an Adult

Full Signature is required, no initials

Children must be signed in daily upon arrival

Children must be signed out daily upon dismissal

(V.P.K) At the end of each month, you will be required to sign a Student Attendance and Parental Choice Certificate (SHORT FORM) that confirms that your child has attended the program and that you wish your child to continue in this program.

Please, telephone us if your child will be absent, as we get attached to the children and worry about them.

Dispense medication: We do not dispense any type of medication to children. Dispensing medication is a big responsibility that should be handled by the parent, a nurse, or a doctor. It is a great liability and should your child have a reaction to any medication you have directed us to dispense.

• We suggest asking your doctor to prescribe medications that have to be taken two (2) times per day rather than three (3) times per day. This way you can give your child their first dose before coming to school and the second dose when they return home in the evening.

• In order for your child to get their medication while they are at Rainbow Kids L.C., we suggest that you appoint a trusted person (yourself, friend or relative) to come in at a designated time and dispense the medication to your child.

• Parents are not allowed to place any type of medication in their child’s backpack/diaper bag. When backpacks or diaper bags with medication get left at the school, little ones are at risk of getting their hands in the backpacks and pulling out medications, PLEASE, LEAVE ALL MEDICATIONS AT HOME!

Sick Child: You or your spouse will be called when your child’s is sick. State licensing regulations state it is necessary for a child to leave the school if they have a fever of 100.2 degrees or higher, or if they have uncontrollable diarrhea and/or vomiting. You must pick up your child up as soon as possible no later than 20 minutes after receiving the call. No excuses. Discount will not be given to sick children, if your child is absent for a week then you are obligated to pay half of your tuition.

Illnesses: lesions and abrasions; cuts or fractures: If your child suffers any of these or any extenuating medical condition that may prevent your child from participating in scheduled activities, our school cannot be responsible for One on One supervision. Nor can the child be left in any other classroom. Children will be accepted at school EXCEPT with the Ok to return to school IN WRITING providing your child Doctor stating that theycan resume to normal activities. No discount given for days missed.

If your child is unable to participate in the normal activities of the daycare (including being able to play outside), then your child MUST stay home.

Children will be visually screened when they arrive in the morning. In the event a child becomes ill and needs to be picked up, the parent(s) will be called and are expected to come pick the child up within one hour (60 minutes). If the parent(s) cannot be reached, or have not arrived within an hour, the emergency contact person will be called and asked to come pick the child up.

For the benefit of our staff and other children in our care, a sick child will not be permitted to return to care for 24 hours after condition has returned to normal. The child may return 24 - 48 hours (depending upon the illness) after they have received the first dose of an antibiotic. If a child receives an antibiotic for an ear infection, he/she may return to day care immediately if he/she has been free of other symptoms mentioned for at least 24 hours. If you aren't sure about whether or not to bring your child to care, please call your onsite director to discuss it. Allergy related symptoms, and non-communicable illnesses do not require exclusion if you have a note from your doctor.

Symptoms requiring removal of child from day care:


• Fever: Fever is defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken under the arm, 101°F taken orally, or 102°F taken rectally

• Fever AND sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, irritability, or confusion.

• Diarrhea: runny, watery, bloody stools, or 2 or more loose stools within last 4 hours.

• Vomiting: 2 or more times in a 24 hour period. Note: please do not bring your child if they have vomited in the night.

• Breathing trouble, sore throat, swollen glands, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing.

• Runny nose (other than clear), draining eyes or ears.

• Frequent scratching of body or scalp, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.

• Child is irritable, continuously crying, or requires more attention than we can provide without hurting the health, safety or well-being of the other children in our care.

Allergies: must be updated in writing to the administration & to a their classroom teacher. Your child’s well-being is our concern.

Information updates: All other information updates like: telephone, addresses, and authorized persons to pick-up must be brought to the office in writing as well. Remember that we need to know how to communicate with you in an emergency.

Open Door Policy: Parents are always welcome to come into the classroom to observe, lend a helping hand, do a special activity, play with the children, etc. The door is always open and we welcome you to come in!


Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc.

Closings days:

New Year’s Day - Dr. ML King’s Birthday -Memorial Day-Independence Day-Labor Day-Thanksgiving Day-Day after Thanksgiving- One (1) week in December (the last week) - New Year’s Day (remember discounts will not be given due to Holidays. Full tuition is still due.)

For VPK we are closed on certain days T

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, we will be closed the Friday beforehand. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, then we will be closed on the following Monday.

To keep tuition costs to a minimum, our tuition fees are set on a monthly basis. As a result, we do not provide a reduction in tuition for holidays, natural disasters, or illnesses.

There will be a yearly registration of $ 25 per family due every January. For Summer Camp students there will be a summer registration of $25 due every June prior to summer camp starting.


Rainbow Kids admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges,

programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the

basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, employment procedure, and

admission policies.



Disaster Plan

Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc. Follows the Emergency Closure Plan that Palm Beach County School Board in the event that a hurricane or severe weather is threatening our area. The school board usually closes when we are under a hurricane warning, but it is best to keep watching the local news for any notice to be issued.

If a hurricane or severe weather occurs while the school is open and occupied, the teachers will guide the children to a central safe place located within the school. All teachers will stay with the children to keep them safe and away from doors and windows. The director will oversee the appropriate phone calls to notify parents immediately.

In case of a national emergency such as an act of terror, all children will remain with us at Strive toward Excellence until the appropriate government agency comes to our aid.

Please, do not tie up telephone lines. We will call Channel 12 TV & the local radio station for appropriate directions and/or pick-up.

All white/blue emergency cards including family and/or friends additional pick up authorization will be handed to the designated government agency.

This is and will be the only persons authorized to pick up the children. You need to keep this Emergency white/blue Card updated.



Thank you for choosing our school and we hope that you and your child’s experience here will be a great one. If you have question about this Parent Handbook please feel free to contact an administrator.


Reason this policy is important:

The safety of children and staff must be provided in all activities of child care programs. Proper restraint systems and thecorrect use of them are critically important during travel to/from the child care program as well as a part of the activities ofthe setting.

Procedure and Practices, including responsible person(s):

A Consent for Child Care Program Activities form will be filled out for each child being transported.

Smoking is prohibited in vehicles used to transport children.

Children will be transported properly in a seat belt, car seat, or booster seat according to current Florida regulations, Staff will be sure that car seats, booster seats and seat belts are usedproperly and each child is properly secured before setting the vehicle in motion.

The number of passengers in the vehicle will not exceed the manufacturer’s stated capacity for the vehicle.

Children will be prohibited from eating, drinking, standing, or other dangerous or distractive activities duringtransportation.

Children will never be left unattended in a vehicle, even for brief periods. All children will be accompanied by an adultto/from the vehicle to insure safety.

All children will be accounted for before leaving the facility and again before returning.

Children with special needs will have their transportation plans addressed in the Special Care Plan. A staff member

who is familiar with the child’s special needs will accompany the child during transportation.

All travel routes will be planned in advance.

Vehicle Requirements

Only insured, licensed, well-maintained vehicles will be used to transport children.

A back up vehicle will be available if needed and can be dispatched immediately in case of an emergency.

A first aid kit and list of emergency contacts for all children and adults will be in the vehicle during transportation of children.

A cell phone will be available in case of emergency.

Driver Qualifications

Drivers will be legally-licensed and shall not be under the influence of any chemical substance that may alter theirability to drive safely.

Drivers will meet staff qualifications including a criminal history check.

Drivers will be first aid and CPR certified if another staff member present is not.

Drivers will obey all traffic regulations.

The driver shall not be included in the child: staff ratio. Drivers must not be distracted from safe driving practices by being simultaneously responsible for the supervision of children.

The driver will be familiar with the planned route ahead of time.

Drivers will have evidence of a safe driving record for the previous 5 years.

To prevent distractions the driver is not permitted to talk on a cell phone or play loud music.

________________________________ (staff title/name) is responsible for collecting background checks, driving historiesand updating this information yearly for those who are transporting children.________________________________ (staff title/name) is responsible for ensuring the safety of the vehicle and proof of insurance for the vehicle.

When the policy applies:

This policy is in force anytime children are transported by the child care program. Staff will adhere to the policy guidelines even if no children are present when using a vehicle owned by the child care facility.

Communication plan for staff and parents:

During orientation for parents or new Staff They will sign that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the content of the policies.

During enrollment this policy will be reviewed by Director and parents Then parents will sign that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the content of the policies.

A copy of all policies will be available during all hours of operation to staff and parents in the policy handbook.

Parents and staff will receive written notification of any updates.

Parents will sign a Consent for Child Care Program Activities form for all outings where transportation is required.






I have received these policy and procedures by Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc

Teachers may film children at work:


Please fill in the following authorization: I ______________________________________________

Authorize Rainbow kids Learning Center, Inc. to film and monitor my child’s developmental progress.

Signature of parent or guardian X___________________________________________________

I give my consent for my child: _____________________________________________________

To be photographed and/or videotaped in activities or programs at Rainbow kids Learning Center, Inc. City Cam for use in their communications and marketing materials.

Signature of parent or guardian: X___________________________________________________

Parental Concern Form

The undersigned does hereby give permission for our (My) child: _________________________________________________________________

to attend and participate in all activities sponsored by Rainbow kids Learning Center, Inc.

Signature of parent or guardian: X____________________________________________________

Can participate in field trips: Yes _______ No________

Parent’s signature: X_____________________________________________________________

I have received by Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc. with true and accurate information. And I received the orientation from the Director following :

*Child Information, *Parents Information, *Emergency, *Pick-Up or Emergency Card Information.

I have also read and agreed to Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc. Enrollment Package that includes:

* Welcome - * Staff Development - * Discipline Policy - * Mission - * Our philosophy - * Our goal

* Biting Policy - * Parental Involvement - * Parent-Teacher Conferences - * Resolving Parental Concerns

* Volunteer Program - * Visitors - * Birthdays and Other Parties - * Sleeping Arrangements

* Incidents Report - * Nutrition Plan - * Curriculum - * Assessment Information - * Medical records


* Our hours of operation - * Payment Procedure - * Returned Checks - * Absences and Vacation Credits

* Extra Charges - * Outdoor Recreation - * Licensing - * Keeping Records Current and Confidential

* Termination of Day Care - * Field trips - * Personal belongings - * Drop Off/Pick-up Information

* Sign In/Out & Attendance Verification - * Dispense medication - * Sick Child - * Illnesses

* Allergies - * Information updates - * Door Policy - * Closings Days - * Disaster Plan

I also understand that all changes will be provided to Rainbow Kids Learning Center, Inc. Administration, in writing, immediately.

• I agree that I am enrolling at a cost of $_________Per Week. Tuition is due in advance every Friday, latest Monday morning.  You will automatically be charged a $10 late fee, per day, after Monday. 

• I agree to pay a registration fee at the time of enrollment of $ ____ this enrollment fee is not refundable.

• I agree to pay registration to be renewed each January. This enrollment fee is not refundable.

• I agree to pay in advance each week’s tuition.

• I am aware that I will be charged a fee for payments received after Monday.

• I am aware that I will be charged a fee for late pick-ups.

We need copy of Your Driver License.

Date____________ Child’s Name ______________________

Parent Signature X____________________

Director Signature ______________

Get Acquainted Record


My nickname is: _________________________________________________________________

I have ____ brothers & ____ sisters, their names and ages are: ___________________________


My favorite activity is: ____________________________________________________________

My favorite food is: _______________________________________________________________

My least favorite food is: __________________________________________________________

My favorite person is: _____________________________________________________________

My favorite toy is: ________________________________________________________________

I am afraid of: ___________________________________________________________________

I can do all these things by myself: __________________________________________________

Why are you looking for new childcare arrangement? ________________________________


Has your child had previous day care experience? _____________________________________

Please list prior caregivers and/or day care centers: ____________________________________


Describe these experiences: ________________________________________________________


What type of discipline is used at home? _____________________________________________

Does your child eat unaided? ________ Does he/she enjoy eating? ________________________

Does your child have a special diet? _________________________________________________ 

Due to your child’s tastes, allergies, reactions, and/or religious beliefs, 
are there any foods, which should not be served to your child? ___________________________

Please list these foods: _____________________________________________________________

How does your child go to sleep? ____________________________________________________

What is the usual time and length of naps taken each day? ______________________________


How long does he/she usually sleep at night? __________________________________________

Please list any personal habits, thumb sucking, nail biting, etc. ___________________________

What are the expectation of this program: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Extra Tuition Fees


Family ( ) Single ( )

Summer Camp Fee:

Summer Camp Registration:

Holiday Fee (one(1) day):

Spring Break Fee(March):

Winter Break Fee (December):

Fall Holiday Fee (November):

Half Day Fee:


I agree to pay these fees as they approach during the year. I understand that these fees are subject to change with prior notice.

Child’s Name________________________________________________

Parent signature: Date:________

Director / Owner Signature: Date: